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so that we can show you just how sweet our critters are in real life.  
Helping needy children since 1944!
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Horses at the Ranch
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These pages were done by Susan Tuscana Hall, and are the property of Rockin B Ranch.
Do not use without expressed permission of both parties. Horse of America logo done by Connie Ruben.
We've even set up links so you can visit with each of our horses here at the ranch, as well as other critters that you may find along the way. Please feel free
to roam the grounds, wandering wherever you please....just make sure you don't get to close to that pickup over there ::she says as she points to it:: 'cause
the dogs'll get ya. If you'd like to find out more about our dogs Grumpy Bear and Katy Sue D. Cowdog, or maybe even learn how to how to make Bear
like you, visit the
RANCH SECURITY PAGE. If Bear's in a good mood, he'll have the link up and working.....but if he's not.....whoa, then you'd just
better watch out!
Most of the horses at the ranch have helped Susan with her American Indian Horse and Horse of the America Presentations over the last few years. Yep,
they've been to the Spring Rendezvous at Fort Washita and Cal Farley's Boy's Ranch in Amarillo, just to name a few. Heck, Susan and the mares even got
asked to ride in the grand entry at the Boy's Ranch Rodeo....course that's a whole 'nother story. Wanna see the pics? Then please visit our
Done already? Then why not come on in and sit a spell. If you're in a hurry to leave, well, we hope you enjoyed your stay and please stop back by when
you get a chance. If you're looking for that special horse, or just looking to see some pretty pictures, drop in and see what's new around here. Heck, you
can even drop us and email if you'd like. We'll write back soon as we can.
We are very proud to say that all hands here at the ranch help to break, train, and show the horses. For pics of how we've done at the shows,
and maybe even see a few of us dressed up for costume class, check out the links below. I'll put more pics online just as soon as I can....
Susan has been helping the Hobby Crafters Foundation get a webpage set up, so please check out their site. The
Hobby Crafters Foundation is a non-profit organization that makes Christmas toys for needy children in the Dallas
area. Several churches, missions, and other organizations are given Christmas toys for the less fortunate children who
otherwise would not get a gift. Can you imagine how a child would feel if they thought that Santa had forgotten them?
Please don't let this happen....All the work at the 'Toy Shop' is done by volunteers, so please feel free to stop by and
visit on Thursday evenings. Stay around til about eight, and you can have some snacks with us at break time. If you
can hold a board and trace around it, you too can be one of Santa's little elves at the Hobby Crafters 'Toy Shop'.
We're so proud of our horses! We're especially proud when we sell a
horse and the new owner calls us to say that the horses have become a
member of their family. I hate to see them leave but we have to let go of
a few to make room for fresh stock and the babies that come in the
spring. Thank goodness our horses have all gone to good people and
great homes, so it makes the separation a little easier.
Hobby Crafters Foundation ~ Providing free toys to children since 1944!
Ranch Horses at the National Show
Well, I've got horses to ride and chores to get done, so why don't you wander over and pet the mares...they've been up at the barn waiting on some
scratchin' ever since they heard us talking. (Just please don't go telling the girls that they're fat, cause they ain't...they're just plus sized women).
Then again if you'd just like to take a gander at the horses that we have here at the ranch, please visit our RANCH HORSE PAGE. There you'll find a
list of all the horses that call the Rockin' B their home. Who knows, maybe you'll even recognize a few of 'em. Then again, maybe you'd like to visit our
RANCH SALE PAGE to see if your favorite horse is listed.....you just might find that horse that you've always wanted at a price you can afford.
Ranch Horses at the National Show
Yeah, I know. Santa's little elves and the toy shop idea have already been used, but we still lovingly call the workers
'our little elves'.  But seriously, the
Hobby Crafters are pretty good at getting everything together and having those
toys ready in time for Christmas. Well, they should be good at it. They've only been doing it since 1944!
To find out more, please visit the Hobby Crafters Foundation website by clicking on these links, or the Hobby Crafters' sign. They're a great group of
people doing a great things for children. Please email Jerry if you would like to know more, or you'd just like to comment on the website. He loves to
hear what people think about the site.  
Toy made with love....
Head elf in charge of wheels
Be they human, equine or canine...they are remembered here...
Ranch Horses for sale at the Rockin' B!
Horses of the Rockin' B!
Email us!
Pics of our horses in action!
Humorous outlook on ranch life ~ thru the eyes of our cowdogs!
Hobby Crafters Foundation
Pics of our horses in action!
Please remember that we have a ranch to run, so we can't keep these pages updated as fast as we'd
like....so if somethings not working, just give us a little time, 'cause we're working on it as fast as we can.
Specializing in horses that work calmly and gently while roping, running barrels, playdays or just trail riding, we're a family oriented business.
Established in 1964, we believe and gently. Ever ridden a barrel or competition horse that 'jigs' (jumps up and down with excitement)?
Well, our horses don't.

Don't believe me? Most people don't until they come and spend a few hours at our ranch.
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Ranch Horses at the 2009 National Show
Originally founded in Paducah, Texas, the Rockin' B Ranch was established in 1964 by the last Robert "Buttons" Tuscana. Moving to Dallas in the early 80's,
Buttons brought his ranch to this area. Now days, Susan stays busy working the ranch...keeping a promise that she made to that darn West Texan husband
of hers so very long ago. He may be gone, but her promise still holds true. Susan and her children will make sure that there will always be a Rockin' B Ranch.
After all, what good is a person if they can't keep their word?
We've worked hard and price ourselves in having horses that are gentle, dependable and sturdy enough to put in a full days work. Here at the Rockin' B we
have Colonial Spanish Horses, as well as a few American Quarter Horses, American Paint & American Pinto Horses for those people who just can't handle
the thought of riding a good 'stang. Our Spanish horses carry papers from such outstanding registries as the Southwest Spanish Mustang Association,
Spanish Mustang Registry, The Horse of the Americas, as well as American Indian Horse Registry. We even keep a few of those 'Heinz 57's'
around for those of you who just don't like the idea of riding these purebred critters.
Hey! Don't cut us short! Ain't no plugs around here! Our working horses double as dude horses. These aren't horses that just plod along, waiting for their
time to go to the glue factory...these are horses that are intelligent, family oriented and have a personality. These horses will start off at a competitive trail ride
at seven in the morning, travel at a fast-paced walk for thirty-five to fifty miles and be back before lunch. Several horses have been clocked at an average
speed of 15 to 17 miles an hour.
The Rockin' B Ranch is located just a little west of Corsicana, Texas, over near what the old timers know as 'Silver City'.  The majority of the ground training
here at the ranch is done by David Hall and Bobby Cunningham, but their lovely partner Susan (who's really the boss)...and who also happens to hold the title
of 'Chief Cook & Bottle Washer' as well as being the Ranch Foreman, handles the rest of the riding and training. But no matter what titles Susan may acquire,
she still manages to run the place with the strict West Texas was that her late husband Robert "Buttons" Tuscana taught her.
Squash Blossom
Gorgeous ’Honey Dun’ Tobiano Mare
With Tiger Striping
HOA #1921 / SSMA
Standing 14 Hands
Foaled: April 11th, 2007
Horses that I never thought I'd be
letting go of are being sold....
(Once again proof that we ARE the 'Birthplace of Champions!')
Congrats to all of our Rockin' B Ranch Horses
ROCKED the 2011 Show Season!
One Flashy Choctaw
2011 AIHR/HOA National
Color Champion
Choctaw Cactus Queen (aka~Princess)
2011 AIHR/HOA National
Reserve Champion ~ Color Class
Lil Bit
2011 AIHR/HOA National
Champion 'M' Halter
2011 AIHR/HOA Overall Reserve 'M'
2011 AIHR/HOA Reserve Senior Adult
As well as several other Blue Ribbons for the Show!
(Not too bad for a mare that turns 30 next year!)
Take Flight Josephine (aka~Josey)
2011 AIHR/HOA National
Champion 'A' Halter
Lil' Cayenne
2011 AIHR/HOA National
Reserve Champion 'AA' Halter
2011 AIHR/HOA Overall Reserve 'AA'
White Winged Dove
(aka~ Dovey)
Dovey & Emma placed 2nd & 3rd in alot of their classes.

Not bad for Emma's first time at a show.
Especially since she's only had eight riding lessons.
And who'll ever forget the Tejas November Show when Lil Bit dressed up as
'Her Royal Highness, The Personal Belly Dancer to The King!'
for the Fantasy Costume Class???

Not only did she bring home blue ribbons in all but one event AND win High Point 'M', she also
got the honor of blowing the cowboys minds when they saw a mare wearing a belly dancing bra.

...All while shyly hiding her face.
Throughout the summer Lil Bit & Susan attended a couple of Playdays,
cleaning up the competition and bringing in the blue ribbons at each event.

That mare may be old, but she's still awesome. And the best part is that she LOVES to compete!
Lil Rascal
Lineback Dun Colt With Blaze
& High Black Stockings
He has Lil Bit's wonderful 'Golden Dun' color
Standing 11.1 Hands at 3 months
Foaled : April 7th, 2012